Art, Design and Media by Matthew K. Grundy



Ascension Of The Watchers - Apocrypha album cover artwork

Somewhat against the odds, artwork, in particular a strong cover image, still goes hand-in-hand with the musical creativity behind any release. While the cover artwork may seem like it has been reduced to a tiny image in a streaming app, that cover picture will be used for advertising for the release, shared across a multitude of social media platforms, used to create exclusive packaging for physical media, and printed onto merchandise, often becoming an iconic emblem of an album, and even the artist. 

The strong resurgence of vinyl releases has also meant an increasing need for great artwork and packaging that make the record a beautiful and collectable artifact .

I've spent 20 years creating artwork specifically to sit alongside music, and can help you realise imagery that reflects the concepts and atmosphere behind your music. My artwork style is generally a mix of loose sketch work and digital elements to create slightly abstract images that, to the eye, never quite resolve. However, I can, to a degree, adjust style to fit your needs, and I really enjoy working with artists to figure out the best way to create imagery that visually compliments their music.

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earthtone9 - arc'tan'gent 20th anniversary vinyl packaging

Vinyl, CD and cassette packaging go hand in hand with artwork, but not all artists can layout artwork for pressing. Having worked extensively with pressing plants across Europe, I can make sure your artwork is correctly set up to get the best results when it is applied to physical media, and avoid any potential issues.

If you already have existing artwork, but need someone to set it up correctly to templates for pressing, add typography or any other additional elements, I can do this for you.

I can also set up extras such as spot UV gloss laminate and embossing ready for print, saving time and potential issues or extra costs when dealing with printers and pressing plants.

Check out the packaging section for examples of previous work.


Burial Rot t-shirt design

Merchandise is, more than ever, the primary source of income for artists. I can provide eye-catching artwork for t-shirts and other merchandise, set up for screen printing, or whatever print method is required.

I can also set up pre-existing artwork for use on garments, and recommend several excellent quality suppliers for merch printing, and supply artwork mock-ups for use in pre-sales before the items have been printed. 

Check out the merchandise section for examples of previous work.


Occulting light album social media post

Increasingly, one of the most important requirements for promoting any music release or tour, is social media assets.

When creating cover artwork for you, I can create animated aspects of the design with audio that can be used to promote the release on social media platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok.

Another asset that is now often needed is a Spotify canvas - a short animated loop that plays in the background when a track is played. I can create a canvas, or even multiple ones from album artwork, making sure that all artwork mrelating to the release remains cohesive.

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Magazine with adverts for Gary Numan and Sleaford Mods live shows

Advertising is an area that remains a big part of music - particularly live music. Whether it's posters, flyers, digital or print adverts, people still need to know about gigs for there to be an audience. I've worked with both artists and promoters, providing art and design for everything from gig posters to visual identity for major festivals. I can provide eye-catching artwork, or work with existing material, to create cohesive advertising, delivered to the deadlines and specifications of print publications, so that your promotional campaign runs smoothly.

Check out the advertising sections of examples of previous work.


Retro TV showing a video clip

Another element that artists have a growing need for is video. With YouTube becoming a major source of new music for listeners, and social media platforms becoming heavily focused on video, the need for videos to promote everything from new tracks, to album releases, to tour announcements is only increasing. I can create video to meet your needs and budget, whether that involves shooting live footage, editing and post-production of exisiting footage, or creating animation from new or existing artwork.

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